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Thick Film Chip Resistors

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(General RC)
(High Ohm RC-H)
(Low Ohm RC-L)






General RC , High Ohm RC-H

» Small size and light weight.

» Compatible with wave and reflow soldering.

» Suitable for lead free soldering.

» RoHS compliant & Halogen Free.

High Ohm RC-H

» Low inductance

» Highly reliable multilayer electrode construction

» Higher component and equipment reliability

» Reduced size of final equipment reliability




General RC , High Ohm RC-H

» Automotive industry.

» Consumer Electronics.

» Measurement instrument.

» Computer.

High Ohm RC-H

» Power Management Applications

» Switching Power Supply

» Over Current Protection in Audio Application

» Voltage Regulation Module (VRM)

» DC-DC Converter, Battery Pack, Charger Adaptor

» Disk Driver